Genius Lounge

The Genius Lounge is a an open plan office environment designed to incorporate both individual and collaborative work, eliminating the formal office vibe in favor of making people feel welcome and inspired.

  • Variety of work stations: high-top tables, flexible ergonomic seating, and dynamic surfaces.
  • Casual group areas that supports a full range of work activities.
  • Allows our users to be both engaged and focused while moving freely between conversations and tasks.
  • Offers all the necessary office amenities, including WIFI, copier and fax, plenty of power outlets, light snacks, coat rack and catering options.

Genius Studio

Genius@Work offers two private rooms that provide an opportunity for individual focused work or small meetings.

  • Acoustically separate from the Genius Lounge.
  • Sense of privacy away from any distractions.
  • Available to all passes and offered in 30 minute intervals.

Genius Conference

Genius@Work offers a high energy conference room that has flexible seating arrangements for up to 10 people.

  • Ergonomic seating, embedded technology, and a flexible conference table that the user can customize and adjust to their meeting/workshop needs.
  • Whiteboard expanding across two walls.
  • Conference Phone.
  • Flat screen TV that can connect to your computer for easy presentation set up.
  • Other AV equipment upon request.
  • Catering packages available.