About Genius@Work

Genius@Work is comfortable, flexible and modern co-working space located in Milwaukee Downtown on Broadway and Michigan St. We provide a variety of membership passes to fit our user’s needs. As a member of the space, our users have full access to our open lounge (Genius Lounge) and individual focused rooms (Genius Studio). Genius@Work provides all the amenities of a traditional office, from high-speed wireless internet to a sophisticated copier/fax machine and flexible presentation equipment, as well as a space that supports the changing work environment: flexibility, comfort, high-energy, design aesthetics, and connectivity. Our members benefit from our convenient location and relationship to the Hilton Garden Inn hotel, expanding the variety of amenities we have to offer and creating a more efficient, comfortable and flexible hospitality environment.


Genius@Work’s goal is to provide a membership-based working space that is a flexible and functional place for inspired individuals, as well as unique groups that can utilize the space for socializing, working and meeting. We have designed this urban coworking space as a solution to the changing working environment and as an amenity to the Hilton Garden Inn hotel guests and to the local community. The space is designed to strike a balance between individual focused work areas, casual group areas and collaborative spaces with a focus on comfort, flexibility and integrated technology.

Why Genius@Work

  • Our communal work space is an affordable solution to a private office, offering benefits that a traditional working office does not
  • As a member of our space, you will continue to be surrounded by intelligent, like-minded individuals, providing networking and collaboration opportunities
  • Genius@Work is connected to the Hilton Garden Inn Downtown Milwaukee hotel. This relationship allows us to expand the variety of amenities that we have to offer. This connection, allows us to offer unmatched hospitality, food and beverage service at the Garden Grill and through the hotel’s catering services, sophisticated and comfortable hotel accommodations, additional meeting and conference room space, and a welcoming environment.